Floating Cosmetics Splash Shot

Combining carefully controlled lighting and meticulous attention to detail, Karl creates a high-end ad-style splash shot of a bottle of Chanel moisturising cream.

Starting at the beginning and guiding you through the whole process, Karl explains his planning and pre-visualisation before going on to build up his studio set and lighting.

This product photography class covers the necessary tools and techniques you need to capture a pro-level liquid splash shot like this.


In this class:

  • Product photography: How to photograph cosmetics
  • Product photography tips
  • How to photograph splashing liquids
  • How to create composite images
  • The best lenses for product photography
  • Useful tools and equipment for studio photography

To watch Karl edit and retouch this image, check out Floating Cosmetics Splash Shot | Post-Production.


  1. Remig

    Dear Karl, thank you for the great lesson, can’t wait to try it!
    Speaking of which: if you wanted to replicate the shot with a coloured background, would you use a translucent coloured acrylic with the same setup, or would you try a different lighting setup?
    Thanks for your thoughts and all the best,

    1. Hi Remi, thank you. For a coloured background I would have either put a coloured gel on my background light or I would have lit a plain coloured matt surface such as MDF from the front with a spot light, fresnel or honeycomb grid.

  2. Ventis Jansons

    Hello Karl.
    I photographing trophies most of from products and want to ask you what you think about Fuji GFX100S with prime lenses to use for product photography.


  3. Hi Karl,

    If I want to make the same light set-up in this amazing splash shot but with Godox lights , what you would recommend please ?

    My budget can only afford Godox lights

    Thanks for sharing your huge experience with us

    1. Hi, you could do it with Speedlights let alone Godox lights. Any Godox studio light (flash) will be able to do this but to freeze the liquid then you will need to find the ones that have at least 1/5000th t0.1 flash duration.

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