Styling and Shooting Burger Photography

Live On: Thursday 15th July 2021 - 15:00 BST / 10:00 EDT

Open wide! In this live show, Karl tackles one of the most challenging food shots out there: the mighty burger.

With Georgie busy in the kitchen prepping the food, and Emma helping to fine-tune the lighting, Karl and his team demonstrate the creativity, experimentation and attention to detail that this kind of shoot demands.

Karl sets the shot up using foam chips and burgers as stand-ins for the real thing. Then he brings in a test burger for final refinements to the lighting and composition. Why? Because capturing food when it's freshly cooked is crucial to creating a mouth-watering image.

Top styling tips shown during the shoot include a glaze to make the bun look more appealing, how to melt cheese just so, and how to get that lovely glossy look on the burger itself. As he modifies and refines the lighting - answering viewers’ questions in real time as he works - Karl uses a variety of lighting modifiers and basic studio kit.

The final result is a vivid, ad-style shot - good enough to eat!

To learn more about food photography and styling, check out our complete food photography course, presented with top food photographer Anna Pustynnikova.

In this live show:

  • Food styling
  • Modifying lighting
  • Compositional tips
  • Backgrounds for food photography

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  1. The second burger made me hungry and I think this the main goal of food photographer when making food photos , I learned a lot … thank you

  2. Wow, I just finished to watch it. It’s really a lot of work, nearly two hours were spent on it. I’m amazed how carefully you tweak the lights on the small hamburger to achieve the lighting results you want. Wonderful work!

  3. Wow that is a step up from my normal food photography. Fours lights incredible lesson thank you

  4. Another great tutorial Karl, your attention to detail if amazing, and your style of teaching is awesome.

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