Freepour Promo Film Shoot (Part 2)

The Freepour filmmaking fun continues in this fascinating follow-up.

Join Karl Taylor for the second instalment in his deep dive behind the scenes on award-winning director Barry Makariou’s innovative, high-end promo shoot for bartending app Freepour. (Make sure you watch Part 1 first!)

As expert bartenders Keïla Urzaiz de Caignon and Rueben Clark perform a series of intricate actions and moves, Barry works with client Sean Ware, MoCo director Rammy Anwar, drinks stylist Seb Davis and other members of his team to capture the best possible footage to showcase their skills.

As you enjoy incredible behind-the-scenes access to this complex shoot, you’ll deepen your understanding of professional filmmaking. Watching the team make crucial adjustments to lighting, styling, camera settings, lenses, and more will enhance your own ability to produce amazing footage.

You’ll even see Karl prove his nerves of steel by standing dangerously close to the speeding MoCo robot!

In this class:

  • Filmmaking tools and techniques
  • Equipment for filmmaking
  • Lighting techniques for videography
  • Super slow-motion videography
  • Motion control robots for filmmaking

To see Barry discuss how he approached this shoot, watch Directing the Freepour Promo: Interview With Barry Makariou.

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