1. Thank you very much Karl for the detailed reply. I have a new 24.1mp crop sensor on a 100mm macro for almost 2 years and I was thinking if would be the time to change it for a full frame or getting some high speed strobes. I’ll go for the strobes since I believe I’ll benefit more from it by now.

  2. Hi Karl thanks for the clarifications. I’m wondering how much less quality a crop sensor have in comparison to a full frame sensor. Is that something that is easily spot on a large web image for instance? Thank you!

    1. Hi Stephan, it is not that it is necessarily less quality. Some modern crop sensors will be better than older full frame sensors as the technology is improving all the time but if I had to choose on a new camera then I would be wanting a full frame and would be looking for at least 22mp but probably more. You wouldn’t spot the difference though on crop sensor or full frame on images just for online use other than the slightly different look that the depth of field appears because of the shooting distance and focal length changes between the two formats.

  3. Hi Karl? I own nikon d3300 and I shooting product photography. if I need to raise towards semi professional camera body: is it better to stay on aps-c camera like nikon d500 or
    switch to full frame like d750 or d810 ? Thanks indeed for your feedback

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