Grips and Clamps

Get to grips with these essential bits of kit.

Whether for holding up backgrounds for product photography or pinning clothing for fashion photography, grips and clamps are useful tools for any photographer.

Karl uses a number of different grips and clamps in studio. From the smallest (clothes pegs) to the more heavy-duty Kupo clamps, he explains what is what and why they’re a must-have for any photographer.

In this class:

  • Why clamps are a useful accessory
  • DIY, studio and specialist clamps
  • Clamps best suited to:
    • using on lighting arms
    • holding heavy objects
    • heavy duty work

Questions? Please post them in the comments section below.


  1. Hi Karl,

    Could you give me the name of the special pairs of clams, the ones that are curved. Thanks

    1. Hi Luisa, what time do you see them in video please. If you can give me the time from the play bar at the bottom of the video I will check for you.

    1. Hi, I regularly use about 20 plastic clamps and up to 15 strong metal clamps of mixed types. The plastic clamps often break but aren’t too expensive so I keep several spares.

  2. Hi Karl.
    Happy to be here again!
    I custom made a SCRIM and found so useful knowing about Foba Cokle Clamps, Thanks.
    But can you share how is a regular scrim held in your studio??

  3. Hi Karl,

    Do you have a link please for the convi clamp and a light stand with the horizontal pole being adequate for flat lay? I have an R6.
    Thank you.

    1. Sorry, let me ask those questions again ….

      Hi Karl,

      Do you have links please, for these 2 items, which are relative to Flat Lay Equipment. I know that you have these items listed, but the links would be so much better. I have a Canon R6.

      1) Standard Convi Clamps
      2) Backdrop stand with the horizontal pole being adequate for flat lay?

      Thank you very much.

  4. Thank you for the thorough explanation of the different kinds of clamps.
    Could you provide the names in the description below the video for reference purposes. That would be really helpful. I understand why you might not want to put a link to a product on a vendor site but the name would make it easier to search for

      1. Hi thank you. Yes we try to put the equipment lists on each page, if there are any missing let us know and we update them.

  5. Finally somebody explaining clamps! Now I know what to buy. Thank you Karl! KTE is definately the best education platform that I’ve seen so far. On the internet you learn a lot from other photographers as well and even get inspired by them. But when it comes to your classes, you get a clean explanation of why you are doing what. When I watched the live show about the red wine bottle shooting, it was the first time I really understood why and how to use a scrim and it’s effect. Most photographers use the same technique and make videos about it (I have watched a lot of them), but nobody ever explained it in the way you did. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  6. Thank You Karl! I love all of the detailed information I’m receiving on light stands, c stands, grips and everything else! I couldn’t find this information anywhere else online with the kind of detail you are presenting…

    1. Ah yes Jens. I had one of those and it broke so, i don’t use it I still have the ones similar to that that have the double arms.

  7. Jens Mueller

    Sorry, there is a problem with my browser posting a comment… ?
    What it meant was:
    does anybody know where in germany I can order the coklo clamp?
    Thanks for your help!

  8. Awesome thanks Karl. Looking at clamps online it can be hard to see the functionality and differences between them, now it all makes sense.

  9. Hi All,

    There are some equiments from RAM Mount USA which makes products which can used for special purpose.

    Product :- RAM Triple Suction Cup Base with Medium Length Double Socket Arm & 2.5″ Round Base AMPs Hole Pattern
    Can be used to Mount DSLR on Glass surface of building to capture those impossible angles.

    Above not related to studio equipment but just wanted to let share the info as this can be creatively used.


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