Group Shots

Photographing groups of people can be tricky to get right. Organising and balancing multiple people can be difficult, but it’s important to get it right if you want a good group shot.

Here are some top tips from Karl on how to make them work and how a little bit of thought and planning can make a huge difference when it comes to your group shots.

In this photography class Karl also shows you how to pose your subjects and identify elements such as interesting textures and lines to help make your image more special.

In this photography class we cover the following:

  • How to use your compact camera
  • Portrait photography
  • How to photograph groups of people
  • How to pose people for group shots

To learn more about some of the concepts discussed in this class, take a look at our Photography Quick Start Guide.

If you have any questions about this photography class please post in the comments section below.

NOTE: This photography class is available with subtitles.


  1. I know it was natural for the young lady to place her hands as she did but was it the most flattering for the image?

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