Hand Luggage Camera Bag

In this short video, Karl highlights the main features he looks for when choosing a photography travel bag.

What bag size conforms to flight hand luggage restrictions?
What about further protection from the elements?
How much can you squeeze into a good photography bag?

All is revealed in this photography tips video.


    1. Yes absolutely but unfortunately when I went to shoot fashion in Iceland at the time there were no rental houses with this sort of gear so I had to take everything including, lights, packs and other paras. But in nearly every major city there are rental houses with this sort of stuff.

    1. Well all I can tell you is I’ve travelled with a Para 222 in a trunk case as checked in luggage and it cost me a fortune in excess baggage charges! 🙂

    1. Hi William, I’m now using the manfrotto Air 55 bag for my medium format gear. It has a lot of room and wheels and is airline size.

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