Hard-Light Beauty | Post-Production (Part 2)

In this post-production class, Karl continues the retouching work he started in Hard-Light Beauty | Post-Production (Part 1).

His primary focus in this session is the model’s hair. As he uses a variety of methods to enhance the hair’s thickness and appearance, Karl demonstrates a range of Photoshop tools and techniques. These include the Polygon Lasso Tool, the Distort filter, the Clone Stamp Tool, and the Dust and Scratches filter.

You’ll also see Karl demonstrate burning and dodging on both hair and skin as he works to lift up different areas while avoiding overexposure.

Later in the session, you’ll also cover Solar Curve and Hue Saturation layers and how you can use them to iron out flaws and imperfections in your image.

In this class:

  • Post-production tools and techniques for beauty photography
  • Photoshop tips for beauty retouching
  • How to use the Distort filter
  • Burning and dodging in Photoshop
  • How to use the Solar Curve in Photoshop
  • Hue Saturation layers in Photoshop

Watch Karl continue this retouch in Hard-Light Beauty | Post-Production (Part 3).

To see Karl capturing the images he works on in this class, watch Hard-Light Beauty Shoot.

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