Harley Davidson Night Rod Photoshoot

When Karl gets the chance to shoot this stunning $60,000 custom Harley Davidson motorcycle here in the KTE studio, he can’t wait to get started.

With its various curves, shapes, textures and surfaces, the bike presents the kind of lighting challenge that Karl loves to get his teeth into.

In this class, you’ll follow Karl through the entire shoot, from marking out and painting the grey background to shooting the bike with its kickstand up. He explains everything from his choice of lens and aperture to why shooting from a slightly higher angle makes the bike look more ‘ready to ride.’

As Karl and Ash craft and refine a lighting setup involving 11 different lights, you’ll experience a masterclass in product photography. You’ll learn how to light glossy metallic surfaces in the same shot as dark matte finishes, how to create pockets of light to draw attention to specific features, and how to use flags to control light as you shoot.

By the end of the shoot, Karl has captured stunning final images of both sides of the bike, proving that with the right equipment, a keen eye and plenty of patience, you can create amazing automotive photographs without extensive post-production.

In this class:

  • How to photograph a motorcycle
  • Lighting setups for motorcycle photography
  • Lens and equipment choice for motorcycle photography
  • Tips for using multiple studio lights
  • Modifying light for automotive photography
  • How to use flags for product photography
  • How to photography glossy surfaces
  • How to use precision lighting for product photography

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  1. I hope you could do more photography of car’s light painting, for example, take more pictures of cars.
    As a 3D worker, your light painting methord is good references for 3D lighting. I mean, light painting = light carving

  2. I mean no disrespect by this comment but up until yesterday I hadn’t even heard of Karl Taylor. That in no way is meant at a jab to him and his work. I simply means who I followed or look at with regards to expertise in the field of photography was very narrow. With that said, I just finished watching my first lesson and the quality, attention to detail and explanation for the why the Mr. Taylor gives the audience is incredible. I’m blessed his content and course crossed my eyes yesterday and I’m grateful my wife encouraged me to subscribe to this site. Bravo sir

  3. Fantastic work Karl. You can make a product more attractive, elegant and luxurious with your shots.
    Can you make a class for the product of a mattress set? I’m really waiting for it

  4. This is amazing Karl, thanks for taking us through your thinking process. Do you also have a video of the post processing part of the final images that I can watch?

  5. What a beautiful end result Karl and the fully explained lighting showing what each contributes to the whole.
    Does the Harley have a speedometer?

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