Home Portraits

Even if the weather isn’t so great outside you can always use the opportunity to take some great indoor portraits, and the equipment and process for this is simpler than you think.

In this photography class Karl explains the best light source for indoor portraiture and how you can use a few simple household items to make the most of the light. All you need is good a light source and a few little bits of economical household kit to capture stunning portraits with a compact camera, and taking the time to follow these simple steps will be well worth the effort.

In this photography class we cover the following:

  • How to use your compact camera
  • How to take portrait photos with your compact camera
  • Camera modes: Photographing in portrait mode
  • How to make reflectors using household items
  • How to pose your subject
  • Framing your picture for flattering portraits

To learn more about some of the concepts discussed in this class, take a look at our Photography Quick Start Guide.

If you have any questions about this photography class please post in the comments section below.

NOTE: This photography class is available with subtitles.


  1. I didn’t get much information out of this instruction. It seems to me you should have taught how to read light in your existing location because locations are designed differently.

    1. I was going to skip this entire section because it’s aimed at compact camera users but much of the content is just as applicable to DSLR shooters. The takeaway from this particular video is how to get good portrait lighting in a home location using cheap and simple materials. Personally I got a lot out of this one.

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