How to Get Work as a Filmmaker With Barry Makariou

Discover how a top-flight liquids filmmaker delivers and promotes his work.

Want to know how a professional filmmaker handles the business side of things? Check out this fascinating Q&A with liquids specialist Barry Makariou. You’ll learn all about how to find clients, and how to deliver work that keeps them coming back for more.

If you’ve ever wondered how important your website is, whether to invest time in social media promotion, or whether it’s worth printing physical copies of your promotional assets, Barry draws on his extensive experience to offer useful insights.

What balance of stills and video should you be offering? How many assets should you aim to deliver? How does working with an agency differ from working directly with clients? Find out the answers to all these questions – and more.

You’ll even hear Barry’s predictions for the future of liquids and drinks advertising, and how visual artists can position themselves for success in a rapidly evolving market.

In this class:

  • Marketing tips for filmmakers
  • Working with clients, agencies and production companies
  • Promoting yourself on social media
  • What assets to deliver
  • How to earn repeat clients
  • The value of printed promo materials
  • The future of liquid and drinks marketing

If you enjoy this class, watch Barry in action in Freepour Promo Film Shoot (Part 1).

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