How to Hold a Camera

Holding a camera may seem obvious but these techniques may help you shoot at lower shutter speeds and that is essential to add some motion to your images, especially useful for street photography. In this chapter Karl shows you how to hold a camera and explains how low you can take that shutter speed hand held.


    1. Hi Sally, the problem I find with specs is getting your eye pressed close enough to the viewfinder to see the entire rectangle. The rubber eye cap on most cameras can be removed allowing you to get your eye closer but you may scratch your glasses. Additionally the viewfinder should have a diopter adjuster so that you can see the image clearly when wearing glasses but it’s also worth trying to adjust the diopter without glasses to see if you can see clearly without them.

      1. Hi Karl,

        Thanks for your very swift response! I’ll have a go with the diopter adjustment as part of the ‘bracing’ that you suggested.

        By the way, I’ve just signed up and am enjoying the site and various videos.

        Best wishes


  1. Wow… I never think I can go that low shutter speed when hand held camera with a wide angle lens, haha…. I think I may try and see how it goes.

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