How to Photograph High-End Products While Working to a Brief

Imagine photographing an item no bigger than a phone, but worth more than a Mercedes SUV… That’s exactly what I did in one of my recent product shoots!
In this video (where I photographed bars of silver, gold and platinum) I show you how to shoot high-end products and overcome the challenges of photographing small, shiny objects, all the while working closely to a brief provided by the client.
In addition to showing you my lighting setup, you’ll learn the process of working to a client brief as I discuss the project with the art director and show you the final results.


  1. Billimono

    Is there a more detailed explanation of the lighting setup here? I’m still a bit unclear how to showcase the engraved texture of the bars.

  2. I dont have a Flooter, However can I get similar results using my Pulso Spot using the Fresnel lens without the snoot? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi David, yes it’s just a slightly smaller fresnel but it give a nice look. In fact I have a video of them both compared coming soon.

  3. Great video, I never fully understand why some people don’t like working to a brief. I want to do these kind of jobs where you are making a print add or billboard add or things of that nature. I think it is neat to take a concept and make it real.

    1. absolutely, even if you create your own brief it gives you a clear focus and strategy and a greater chance of success with the image.

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