How to Shoot Engraved Glass

Pick up some quick tips for lighting glass.

In this short class, Urs Recher demonstrates a useful technique for photographing engraved glass.

It’s a simple two-light setup designed to highlight the fine detail of the engraving while also illuminating the glass vessel itself.

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  1. Hi team – so with the projection attachment, unlike a wine bottle etc where it’s unfocused, would it be sharply focused for this? Cheers!

    1. Hi Peter, I don’t think it would really matter as long as the light strikes the engraving. The rest of the light whether focused or unfocused would just pass through the plain glass.

  2. Timothy Watson

    seems like there would be a problem with the engraving at the back shining brighter than the engraving at the front side adding clarity issues. Sometimes the fastest way isn’t the best way. Thoughts??

    1. Hi Timothy, Did Urs not light over the top of the one at the back and into the glass so it would only illuminate the front one? Otherwise I’d place a small flag to block the one at the back.

      1. Timothy Watson

        Yes I think I’ll try the small flag to block the one at the back as all the glasses i’m shooting have the engraving going all around the glass. Super tricky stuff. Thanks Karl!

  3. Fantastic. I don’t have a picolight… Just strobes and speedlights. Is it possible to create a directional light without the pico?

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