How to Shoot in Stormy Conditions

Some of the best photographic opportunities are in the least camera friendly conditions. But from an equipment point of view, photographing a storm or trying to capture pictures in the rain doesn’t sound very appealing! In this video Karl shows you how to protect your gear so that you can still go out and shoot even in the worst conditions and best of all it doesn’t have to cost the earth. You’ll see that a few simple items can give you all the protection you need.


  1. I just started photography a couple months ago and these videos have been a huge help, thanks for putting out all of this! I know you said in a separate video you are not a fan of UV filters, but if you are shooting in low light stormy conditions would this be an exception in order not to cut out more light while still protecting the lens?

    1. Hi, glad you like the classes! I often have other filters on such as ND grads and NDs so these protect the lens anyway.

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