How to Use a Colour Checker Card

Colour checker cards (also known as colour checker passports) seem to cause confusion for some photographers.

In this class, Karl clears up some of that confusion, explaining what colour checkers are and how to use a colour checker.

You’ll see different types of colour checkers and grey cards as Karl explains the pros and cons of each. Taking an image into different pieces of software, Karl also shows how to neutralise an image using colour checkers.

In this class:

  • What is a colour checker?
  • Different types of colour checkers
  • How to use a colour checker
  • How to remove colour cast in an image
  • How to neutralise images
  • How to create a colour profile

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  1. Hi Karl – how often do you recommend updating ones colour checker, even one that has the case and is only opened for use? I noticed mines says 2019 so it’s a good 4 years old at this point and has lasted me well through college until now. Cheers.

    1. Hi Pete, as long as you’ve kept it closed when not using it and it hasn’t been left in the sun then it should be fine for another 4 years at least. I’ve got one that’s 15 years old and it still looks like my new one.

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