Introduction and Beauty Lighting

In this class, discover the plethora of fashion and beauty lighting setups  included in this course. Karl shows how you can create those incredible closeup beauty shots with step-by-step instruction on the precise lighting setup to create a truly stunning shot that showcases the model’s gorgeous skin and makeup.

Picture 079


  1. This is an interesting setup to test and compare with a small-ish octa vs the stripbox. I think there’s an important element left out of the video commentary (or did I miss that?) which is that you purposefully did not aim the main light down towards her head, instead it’s pointing straight to the wall so it feathers the light falling on her face. Such a beautiful photo, and model!

  2. I got the video to play.
    Karl you are so enthusiastic. Stunning high key lighting.
    How many stops “over” exposed is it for the “high key” effect?

    1. Hi, I would say that ‘visually’ this shot looks about 3/4 to 1 stop over but then of course it’s subjective. It could be that it is exactly the correct exposure for what it is meant to be, I tend only to judge my desired exposure based on the results I’m seeing and where I want it to go and adjust as necessary.

  3. davidiaphoto

    in make makeup photography, shall I shot by F10 aperture or m ore to gain more sharpness an details?

        1. Hi, I wouldn’t call it ‘quality loss’ it’s just that in beauty images high detail of the makeup and skin is usually required so greater DOF is normal.

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