Introduction and Beauty Lighting

In this class, discover the plethora of fashion and beauty lighting setups  included in this course. Karl shows how you can create those incredible closeup beauty shots with step-by-step instruction on the precise lighting setup to create a truly stunning shot that showcases the model’s gorgeous skin and makeup.

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  1. Hi Karl,
    Another absolutely great video. Being a newbie, I can ask this dumb question. Why is the very top of the model’s head cut off so slightly?

    Thank You


    1. Hi Mark, glad you enjoyed it. This is common in beauty photography as the main point of interest is the face, lips and eyes so the crop brings you in closer to that area.

    1. Hi Vivek, that wouldn’t work for the horizontal catchlight in the eye unless you masked an Octabox with black card but you could still achieve good lighting on the model but the fall off of the light would be less and the contrast less running from the forehead down to the chin. Your light would be bigger therefore softer. Please see the first course in the Lighting Theory section.

  2. Is this something that you could do with strip boxes with grids? I ask because I only have to strip boxes with grids for rim lights.

    They were originally purchased for fitness photography. Which I still do now and then.

      1. Apologies Karl,

        Mine are a few years old now – I’ve been back onto the website – 35cm x160cm (13.7″x62.9″) Strip Softbox with 5cm Grid.

          1. Thanks Karl,

            Another very good tutorial. I cannot wait to get back to shooting models again!

          2. Great, sorry my last message should have said ‘you might NOT need the grids if you get your angles right’

  3. Hi Karl!
    I have a question.
    How do you control the glare from the light when I shoot something like this set up.

    1. Hi, a window mask or lens hood and careful placement of the light. This is covered in many of our fashion and portrait section classes.

  4. Ciao Karl,
    Your videos are superb. thanks!

  5. Hi Karl! I watched all of your X1DII tutorials. It inspired me to rent the camera this weekend. Then I searched your name and found this site. I’ve been binge watching. I’d LOVE to be able to ask you how you feel about the X1DII vs say an H6D-50C. I’ve shot Canon for 10 years. I’m average. I want to take my work to the next level. Lighting is more important, I know. But what I’ve already seen out of the X1DII is something I can’t quite describe. Is there a way to book a half hour of your time? .

  6. Hi Karl
    Another great video. If I want to use macro lens – Canon 180mm. How far should I be from the model to get the correct picture like model head is showing too big :). I took some shots of my niece son on his 1st birthday and everyone loved it but I felt head was showing big in some shots I took from one foot away . I love to use that lens for portraits of female and kids.
    Thx in advance

    1. Hi 180mm is really a bit to long focal length for portrait work. You should be looking at 80mm to 120mm maximum.

  7. Hello Karl,
    Superb picture!

    I got a question, so even though you took this picture with F11 we still can see that lovely blur on her shoulders, how to get that. I am using Canon 5D mark 3 with 85mm 1.2 lens.


    1. Hi Heba, yes but that was f11 on a medium format camera, which means the depth of field would have been similar to f5.6 on a full frame 35mm camera. I would recommend you try f4- f5.6 on your lens for a similar look but remember that your shooting distance will also affect the resulting depth of field so make sure she fills the frame like this shot.

  8. Sorry Karl, me AGAIN. What kind of lighting is used to get the affect of the ball lighting behind the model? I tried with the studio flash that has a modelling lamp, but no way, i was totally wrong. If you could give me the name of the type rather than brand as broncolor is 1000s of euros. THANKS KARL and happy week to you.

    1. Hi Derrious, I most commonly use Avenger which is now owned by Manfrotto. There are other cheaper ones out there and they usually do the trick.

  9. Hello Mr Karl…Im Christopher Bessis from Greece.. I have a question.. i have canon 5ds and 5d mark iv , in studio i think best it is 5ds .. i want your opinion if you could… in the full frame which wants lens is the right for that picture, 85mm – 135mm or 200mm. and also the f/? 4 – 5.6 more? Thank you very much…

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