Introduction and Planning Your Images

We love to take photographs when we travel, and it’s often when we use our camera the most. This photography class provides an overview of what you can expect to learn throughout this course, where you’ll learn how to take great travel and landscape images.

You’ll learn how to take amazing travel and landscape photographs, worthy of hanging on your wall at home. The team head to Paris, a city rich in iconic locations perfect for any photographer who wants to hone their skills and, later in the program, we meet up with award-winning landscape photographer Nick Deprés to find out how to take magical landscape images.

The key to both of these genres of photography is research, and Karl will be showing you some of the most useful resources to ensure you can make the most of your travel time.

NOTE: This photography class is available with subtitles.


  1. I would love a video going more in depth with the actual process of how you plan your shoots and trips and things.

    1. Hi, take a look at the ‘Fashionscape’ course to Iceland in the Fashion section, we cover the planning in that one quite extensively.

  2. Amazing video as always… I would like to travel one day and meet you!! Well, I’m here to ask you if you are familiar with Tintype Photography and if you can teach us? Thanks again!!!

  3. Very useful advice …planning your shots beforehand is such a simple thing but I have never even thought about it! I would like more photography for people without all the expensive equipment if possible though, Karl. I have a DSLR and have watched the essentials and compact camera sections already. Thanks!

    1. Hi Tim, yes planing goes a long way and I use it for all my shoots, even in the studio. Most of the things we teach can be accomplished with any camera so don’t worry about that. There are of course sections in here with specialist lighting equipment but that is for the pros using that sort of gear.

  4. Really looking forward to this section. I do a lot travel and landscape photography and its one area you do not need £`000s on top notch studio gear which an amateur never gets to justify the expenditure. My visits for leisure around the UK give me ample opportunity to shoot, although, just getting away is the main aim, so often gun and run! Hoping to get some tips on how to improve on this, especially composition in and outside of architecture. 🙂

    1. Hi Margaretann, yes this is just a short first introduction to this course and then the chapters progress as you go along. Some of our course chapters may be short others are over an hour it just depends on the content being explained.

  5. Unable to watch the video. Just audio is going. Please help to watch out completely.

    1. Hi, It all appears to be working OK, what browser and device are you watching on. Most people find the Chrome browser works best with our system but please let us know what you were using and we will take a look. Thank you.

    2. Hi Pitcheswara, I have sent you a direct email with some more info to get this issue sorted. Thanks.

  6. Unable to watch the full video.
    It is going blank after 38 secs.
    I am using a high speed wifi network.
    Please Help me out.

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