Introduction and Understanding Light

Want to be master studio lighting? First, you need to understand light itself…

In this opening chapter of our Lighting Theory and Equipment course, you’ll discover the fundamentals of light, equipping yourself with the knowledge you need to start getting amazing results with your lights.

Through a series of easy-to-follow visual demonstrations, you’ll learn about the practicalities of light, exploring the different effects hard and soft light have on shadows, texture and three-dimensionality. You’ll also learn how to achieve precise control over reflections, shadows and highlights.

Karl’s explanation and demonstration of the inverse square law, as well as of the colour spectrum of light, will equip you with crucial knowledge that will set you up for success in the studio and beyond!

In this class:

  • Different light sources and their effects
  • Hard light vs soft light
  • Careful control of light and shadows
  • Using reflectors and negative fill
  • Revealing texture
  • Inverse square law
  • Colour spectrum of light

If you enjoy this class, check out A Deeper Understanding of the Inverse Square Law and Angles of Incidence and Reflection.

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  1. I am on loooove woth the mass amount of information in just this video alome!!! Im excited to get through all that is offered through ouz these courses and videos. My only frustration, and its a huge one for me, is having to start completly over fi dong the course aftwr loggi g in. There isnt a “you left off here” spot.
    I log in>courses>photography>lighting>lighting theory>video i want>

    I would have hoped i would have been able to log in and it have a lost of videos ive watched with check marks and wjere i am for the bext one.

    But worth the hassle becais there is so much gold in these videos!

    I hope im missing a step somewhere and there is in fact something like i described.

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