Lighting and Colour Balance

As with photography, lighting is a key consideration when it comes to filmmaking.

In this class, Karl looks at the different types of lighting that you can use and also the different styles and moods that it creates. He explains how you can use gels, hard and soft light, as well as different modifiers to create the desired light and emotion. He also talks about color balance and the Kelvin scale and the effect these can have on your clips.

In this class:

  • Film lighting techniques
  • LED lighting for filmmaking
  • Kelvin scale and color temperature
  • Setting white balance on DSLR camera


  1. I am shooting kitchen cabinets and need to set the correct color balance. Can I use a white sheet of foam core to custom balance for the strobes that I am using? Is there a better way?

      1. Thanks, I did that and also a color checker. Thanks for all the help and great educational experiences. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  2. Fantastic Karl.. I tired to understand lighting in many ways.. but your 10 min video did the job well-done for me.. Cheers

    1. Hi Martin, this is because the numbers actually are linked or related to temperature (kelvin) and as things like stars get hotter they glow red, yellow and then blue to white I believe. You might also find chapter 1 of LightSource in the portrait section useful as I explain about colour spectrum.

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