Lighting and Making a Small Set

Set yourself up for success – even in a small space.

In this class, Karl and the team build a small set to shoot against as an alternative to simply shooting on a blank paper background.

Find out how to create stunning sets (even when space is limited) and how to use mixed lighting to create a cinematic atmosphere with small pockets of light. You’ll also learn how to maintain a balanced image by adding each light in to the image separately.

Questions? Please post them in the comments section below.


  1. swisselle

    I love the mood of this shoot and when I saw the portable corner I was thinking to build one too. Having a small studio I always love to see how others solve such problems without bulky (and space consuming) constructions to get the portable walls to stand up.

    I doubt your plywood-walls stand by itself? I haven’t seen any support or stands in the video (but then we cannot see the back of it hehe) and I am pretty sure it’s not that tiny wood panel on top of it.

  2. Fantastic video thanks, cant believe I’ve missed this one with about a year of being a member.

    My question is;
    For the set build would one get away with 3mm hardboard using 8×4 sheets? So it would effectively be a posh V flat

    In my studio ive previously been using 18mm mdf which means building a scant frame which is costly, time consuming and sometimes have to pay a joiner.


    1. Hi Peter, not quite sure what you mean here? All the lighting was described in the video, was there something I missed?

  3. These are some of my favorite types of photoshoots; almost like still life film making. Was the coldish blue effect done in post production, or were there gels introduced (or maybe a simple color temperature change)?

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