Liquid Photography With David Lund

Liquid specialist and former Visual Education student David Lund joins Karl in studio for an exciting episode somewhat different from (and far more messy than) previous live workshops.

Working closely with Karl, David brings his liquid expertise and unusual gadgets to the studio, showing exactly what can be achieved when using creative solutions to control water. Together Karl and David show you a number of different techniques, each of which produces completely unique results. Using water, colored gels and David’s creative contraptions, it’s a show you don’t want to miss.

In this class:

  • Controlling and manipulating liquids
  • Problem solving and creative solutions
  • Using colored gels for creative effect
  • Photographing using trigger devices
  • Photographing different objects in water
  • The advantages of shooting in mirror lock-up mode

To find out more about David and his career, watch his live talk show or read our blog post ‘Designer to photographer – David Lund’.

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  1. Can you please let me know (as per the Live workshop with David Lund) what colour blue gel was used on the large sheets behind the diffusion, and also what gel pack to purchase? I looked at Lee Filters but there are numerous different gel packs and I could not see any large sheets so a bit confused as to what to buy.

    Wex and other suppliers do have a gel pack for the L40 reflectors which is what my Siros take so I imagine those gels would be ok?

    Couldn’t see the Karl Taylor gel pack on lee website.

    Any code number for the large sheet would be very useful so I purchase the correct colour.

    Last but not least, am I correct these gels would be heat/fireproof?

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