Photo Critique: Products 3

In this live members’ image critique, now available to watch as a replay, Karl draws on over 20 years of experience as a commercial photographer as he shares his thoughts on product shots submitted by KTE members.

Working backwards alphabetically, Karl offers advice on how to improve your product photography while also drawing attention to what makes a strong product image.

In this critique:

  • Product photography tips
  • What makes effective product imagery
  • Lighting for product photography
  • Composition and framing
  • Background choice and prop selection
  • Product photography styling

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  1. Thank you for your time. I did learn a lot. I was not a member at this time of this critique, however, I look forward to the next product critique… I can see problems already with the photos I have done and thinking they were great.

  2. Hello Karl and your creative team, I just watched the critique, a week after was done, and want to thank you. I learned so much through your comments and all these great samples. Thank you. Your comments make me learn much more.

  3. Hi Karl,

    really an excellent live critique like always, unfortunately I missed it live! I agree with your advises about my splash shot, honestly I was afraid to make the lemons look too artificial, so I let them more “natural”. For the angle of the bottle, I dropped it numerous times more vertically, but the splashes were not as beautiful as in this angle.

    Now a big thank you to your KTE program! Today exactly 1 year ago I subscribed and you can’t imagine how the last 365 days has changed my photography in a positive way! I tried several of other online programs but yours is the best in explanation and technics!

    Greetings from Lago Maggiore/Italy

  4. First month in the program, but find the critique sessions fascinating and extremely helpful. I find myself pausing the replay before Karl’s comments to see how I would critique the shot, and then listening to Karl’s comments to see what I missed and how off I was. My thanks to Karl for taking the time to run through the images, and the insight he provides.


  5. Hello Karl,

    Thank you very much for your keen eye critiquing my Highland Crest product shot. You are correct on lighting the label. I am working on a low-cost spot attachment that will hopefully address this in the future. I did not remove the small label behind the main label thinking it would not interfere, but it did. Thank you for pointing that out. On a final note thanks again for your feedback. I see that I need to hone my eye even more so that nothing is left to chance. Thank you for being so generous in sharing your experience with us individuals who want to improve their craft. Ed Cintron

  6. Great session, thx for the critiques Karl. And I will see you in Tianjing @ the end of this month. Really really looking forward to that! -Adam

  7. Excellent critique session Karl. I was on vacation and missed the deadline but still learned from others critiques. Plus it’s so great to see other works that member are doing.

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