Interview With Fashion Photographer Daria Belikova

In this live talk show, Karl is joined by fashion photographer and rising star Daria Belikova.

Daria is a self-taught photographer who is quickly making a name for herself in a highly competitive field with her dark, edgy and distinctive style. She joins Karl for a fascinating talk show, where she discusses the importance of making mistakes, learning from them and staying true to your own style.

The pair also discuss her inspiration, workflow and the importance of surrounding yourself with a good team. Daria also answers members’ questions such as how to price your work, the challenges of the job and her lighting techniques.

In this talk show:

  • Fashion photography
  • Working with a team
  • How to bring a creative project to life
  • Pricing your photography work
  • Sourcing models, stylists and art directors for fashion shoots
  • The importance of social media as a photographer

We caught up with Daria before the show to find out a little bit more about her. You can see what she had to say here.

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  1. Awesome to look at other people’s work. I did Fashion jewelry shoots/product shots on my Social media/website to learned to style it. Looking at your videos on lighting is awesome. If I go to a studio in the future I will try to apply some of your tips.

  2. Excellent talk Karl. Tremendous artist Daria, with her feet firmly on the ground and without selfishness. Beautiful work worthy of admiration, humble human being.

  3. derrick_connell

    Brilliant interview.

    You did a lovely job making her feel comfortable.

    I feel a huge boost of confidence as I am a relatively new photographer and struggling with doubts about my ability to grow as a photographer. Daria is an amazing talent and her journey and confidence over 10 years is inspiring.

    thank you for recommending this video Karl.

    1. Hi Derrick, glad you enjoyed it. Daria certainly has some talent especially for such a young age but I also found it fascinating how she formulates a team for some of these shoots on a shoestring and just as a collaboration and with such great results, which I thought would be of interest to you. In answer to your original question on the other page. My shoots will invlove a hair/makeup artist for a day or half day, sometimes a clothes stylist but sometimes we organise ourselves and then one to three assistants depending on the complexity of the shoot if it is in the studio or on location. And of course the model. Sometimes I also drag friends in to assist on location if it needs more people and these are just mates I’ll buy a pint later! 🙂

      1. derrick_connell

        That’s a good list – it sounds like a good estimate (US based) for a 1/2 day shoot would be around $700-1000

        Hair/Makeup – $200-300
        Stylist – $200-300
        Model – $200-300
        Assistant $100

        That makes the planning even more important as I’d want to insure they were all very productive and we get the most out of it.

        With that in mind the best way to learn is to do, so I will plan a shoot for one of the upcoming competitions to learn if the estimates are in the ballpark and go from there.

        Thanks for taking the time for your answer.

        1. Hi Derrick, it looks like you have your figures about right. But keep in mind as Daria said often there will be skilled providers who will be happy to work as part of a collaboration if it’s a non commercial project and they get credited and to use the work in their portfolios.

  4. I missed this the first time around for some reason. great show and what a delightful person Daria is. Beautiful photography. Amused me to hear you say you thought she was a man. The clue is in the name. Belikov for a male, Belikova for a female.

  5. only just able to watch this and must say i really enjoyed this show, Daria seems a very pleasant and wise young lady, her work is stunning and i wish her all the best in her career.
    thanks Karl for a great show, will be watching this one again.

  6. loved her work and the way she went about it, she a woman that know where she going thanks Karl another great show thanks

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