Interview With Product and Liquid Photographer David Lund

David is one of Karl’s Taylor Education’s most well-known success stories, having given up a successful career in design and made the switch to photography just a couple of years ago.

Off the back of a great live workshop, David joins Karl in the studio to talk about his experiences working with companies such as Grants Whisky, Shell Oil, British Steel and Rolls Royce. David also sheds some light on some of the tougher aspects of working in the industry, how he achieves his trademark liquid images, and his humbling experiences working with charities in Africa.

In this talk show:

  • Ethically photographing and representing products
  • The importance of being multi-skilled
  • The value of pre-shooting
  • Problem-solving and creative solutions
  • Building the final image from composites
  • Pricing your work
  • CGI and the future of photography

Be sure to watch the live workshop and read our blog post on David’s career. You may also be interested in our ‘Conversations with David Lund’ live show.

Splash images by David Lund

©David Lund


  1. isaaydin

    There is no such rule in the USA where it has to be the actual product. Definitely, that’s not happening in the USA: ). There are no restrictions whatsoever on photography here. However, some company policies might have certain restrictions. But that’s just companies, not a state or federal law.

  2. Hey Karl. First I would like to say “THIS IS THE BEST COURSE ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY” no doubts ✌️
    I would like to ask about the name of the brand of the denoise filter David said he use for liquids.
    Thanks a lot

  3. hello, i saw this live show today and i thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot, one thing i wanna ask is, David mentioned some video editing software (which is free to download) but i couldn’t hear it properly, so can i know its name? Thank you so much

  4. Forgot to say thanks to both Karl and David. It was a great show and enjoyed watching more than a few times. I always seem to pick up smaller details.

    By the way I wrote David and he replied back with some great info on getting my tank clear of minor particles. Solving one problem at a time !

    Keep up the great Guest Karl !

  5. Amazing video, these are the kinds of insights that I hope will help me start earning from photography in the future. Cheers Karl and David

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