Interview With Portrait Photographer Tom Oldham

Would you like to hear some stories from one of the industry’s leading celebrity photographers?

Award-winning portrait photographer Tom Oldham joins Karl in the studio to discuss his career and working with characters such as Richard Branson, Thierry Henry and Usain Bolt.

The pair discuss Tom’s start in the business, delve into what it means to be a celebrity photographer, and ask what it takes to make it in the industry.

Tom shares his wealth of knowledge and offers great advice for dealing with various challenges, from prospecting and working with reluctant subjects to making the most of limited time. He also provides insight into some of his work, including his book ON/OFF and his award-winning series ‘Last of the Crooners’.

In this photography talk show:

  • Portrait photography
  • How to capture meaningful portraits in limited time
  • How to put your subject at ease
  • The importance of technical knowledge
  • How to overcome shyness and approach potential subjects
  • Finding novel ways to photograph portraits
  • Balancing personal projects with paid projects

Read more about Tom’s career in Tom Oldham: ‘It’s a Great Gig’, and absorb some of his expertise in 5 Portrait Photography Tips from Tom Oldham. You may also be interested in our ‘Conversations with Tom Oldham’ live show.


©Tom Oldham


  1. This is awesome! I was about to leave the subscription as I´ve seen most of the videos, but this format keeps me waiting for some other great guests. Really really appreciate it.
    Please a lot more portrait stuff. Greetings from Austria.

  2. A great live talk show! Wow, what a legend! Love the humility and willingness of Tom to share his experiences and approach, so helpful and encouraging. Thanks once again to Karl and co for making this happen!

  3. Thank you for this excellent and inspirational show. Tom Oldham is a very nice guy and down to earth. Hats off.

  4. Quick question if I may Karl 🙂

    When it comes to take corporate portraits of employees or C level do you bring a hair and/or makeup artist?

    Merci beaucoup 😉

    1. Hi Sidar, no I simply provide an information sheet that offers advise on what to wear (no micky mouse ties or overly bright red blouses etc) and I advise that everyone should prepare themselves appropriately for the shoot. Then there is usually a bit of post work to fix up and minor problems from the day. Hair and makeup for several execs would take too long and the men would probably find this strange.

  5. truly enjoy it . he was a straight talking guy .it was great listening to him .and his work is just stunning thanks Tom for sharing your work with us . and Thanks Karl for having there

  6. Thank you. Top interview and Tom seems a top bloke as well as an excellent photographer. Worth another watch.

  7. The picture of Dev Hynes you guys were talking about probably has a meaning behind of the one eye shut. It’s very commonly used in the music and film industry. Usually they cover the whole eye with their hand. If you google it, you can find a lot of info about it and A LOT of images celebs doing this. It’s widely known that it’s a symbol of Illuminati and it represents “the all seeing eye”. Just to let you know. 🙂
    Great show by the way! …as always. Really like how you make very relevant questions to the guests.

  8. Ya’ll can cry. We won’t laugh! Ya’ll are such a joy to listen too. I love your sense of humor Karl. Excellent interviews also.

  9. Loved it! Watched it at the beach in Predicce, Italy! Portrait photography is so much about human connexion than lighting technics. Knowing the technicalities is a given but the driver is how you interact with the subject.

    Thanks for this!

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