Interview With Professional Retoucher Viktor Fejes

For this live photography talk show, Karl is joined by professional retoucher Viktor Fejes. Viktor, who presents our Advanced Photoshop for Photographers course with Karl, has an international clientele and knows how to produce top results quickly.

Viktor joined Karl to discuss all things relating to retouching, from image storage to practising and promoting your work. He also fielded many of the tougher questions relating to the industry, including the impact retouching has on body perception, the ethics relating to retouching, what impact CGI is having on the photographic industry and why you shouldn’t use frequency separation.

For those more interested in the technical side of retouching, Viktor also shared some useful retouching advice, his choice of rendering software and explained how he handles data storage and project workflow.

Topics covered in this live photography talk show:

  • Photography retouching
  • What is a professional retoucher
  • Why we retouch
  • How to grow and promote your business
  • CGI and the impact on the photographic industry
  • The ethics of retouching
  • Recommended CGI software
  • Retouching techniques
  • Retoucher-client relationships

You can find out more about Viktor and his work in our blog post. To learn more about Viktor’s retouching workflow, make sure to watch our Live Retouching Workshop, where he’ll be working on one of our member’s images.


  1. Excellent chat with Viktor like always Karl. Just a note: The link “why you shouldn’t use frequency separation” don’t work.

  2. I have been waiting with baited breathe on these two interviews. I didnt know who Viktor was before I saw Karl advertising the coming shows on KTE. This is the field that I have been learning through ecourses, on my own, for the past 2 years. I work a full time job and shattered my harddrive on my computer and had to start rebuilding from scratch but progress is starting to fall quickly with the new computer. This is the field I plan on entering no matter how competitive and hard it is to get my foot in the door but I will with my own work. I’m so glad that KTE has brought so much to the table that I might not have seen other wise or the seriousness and quality may not have been as good.

  3. hello karl, I have a really urgent question, I’m working with Canon Eos 7D mark II and a lense TAMRON 17-35, when I take whatever photos I always have an unbeliveble floo and allot of noise even If I use ISO 100, I tryed it allot, is the probleme with the lense or with the camera body ? I wish you will answer me

    1. Hi Lachen, the only thing that can create the noise is the sensor in the camera. So either it’s faulty or your ISO is not actually set at 100.

  4. DougHowell

    Excellent show, can’t wait to see the lesson.
    Viktor’s tutorials and lessons have greatly improved my post processing, but more importantly, they have saved me tons of time!
    Thank you Karl and team, really tremendous.

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