Logistics Meeting and Test Shoot

Before heading out on a trip like this one it’s imperative to do the correct preparation. In this chapter take a look behind the scenes at Karl and the teams logistics meetings and test shoots that took place before they set off for Iceland.


  1. Hello Karl,

    The whole process is a great example of how such large photoshoot works, specially when it comes to preparation and time spent… now I’m keen to know what is the cost of such project and how much would you charge a client… (client pays all travel, models, equipment shipping bills ?? or one invoice from you and that’s it ??) not asking for exact figures here, just an ideas how the calculation should go on.

    I’m really interested to know the process of budgeting, billing the asking client for an advance payment (of full payment) ..etc.


    1. Hi Mano, yes for a project like this the client would be paying for all of it which is why location shoots can become very expensive. For examples on rates and pricing please see the business course sections. Thanks Karl.

  2. Hello again,

    I had thought Elinchrom packs are more comparable than they are. I just did a google search and looked up what was available from Elinchrom at the time of your switch over to Broncolor… I see now why you made the switch. Sorry for wasting you time with my previous question.


  3. Hi Karl, 

    Fabulous videos!
    You rightly encourage photographers to focus on the creative aspects of photography and to avoid focusing on equipment. With this in mind, what prompted you to migrate to Broncolor when you were already well equipped, with excellent Elinchrom Ranger packs and modifiers? 
    Also, would you have still chosen to use Move packs if the Siros 800L monolights had been available at the time of the shoot?

    Thank you very much!

  4. hi Karl,
    i got a question about how did u ask for permission to shoot in Iceland? who did you contact and was there a cost you had to paid? am very interested in making a trip there to travel and shoot some photo!!

    1. Hi Chanon, for general landscapes permissions weren’t needed but for certain locations with models and crew we had to get permissions and this was all arranged through a production company in Iceland called True North Productions https://www.truenorth.is/

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