LR4 Interface and Control Panels

This photography course teaches you the fundamentals of Lightroom 4, the interface, tools and how to get the best from your RAW images.

In this first chapter, Karl starts by explaining the advantages of shooting in RAW before giving an explanation of the more common Lightroom tools such as color temperature adjustments, noise corrections, exposure corrections, hue, vibrance and saturation changes as well as split toning and lens corrections.

This course is ideal for those just starting out using the RAW image editing software who want to become more confident editing their images.

Download the work-along files

In this class:

  • How to use Lightroom 4
  • RAW image editing software
  • The advantages of shooting in RAW file format
  • Lightroom Develop tools
  • Correcting color balance
  • Adjusting hue, vibrance and saturation
  • Correcting exposure
  • Split toning
  • Lens correction

For more detailed demonstrations on how to use these tools, please watch the following chapter. If you’re using Lightroom 6/CC, please watch our Lightroom 6/CC for Photographers course.

Please post any questions in the comments section below.

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