LR4 Manipulating RAW Files

Following on from the previous Lightroom class, Karl explains how to edit RAW files, showing you some key techniques as he shares his editing workflow, working on an example image.

He makes some impressive changes using exposure adjustments, color balance shifts, shadow enhancements, graduated filters and brush tools, simply and easily. You’ll learn what each tool can be used for, how to use it as well as understand why it’s important to have a clear and precise plan when it comes to editing your images.

Download the work-along files

In this class:

  • How to use Lightroom 4
  • Comparing and rating images in Lightroom
  • JPEG vs RAW file format
  • How to fix color temperature in Lightroom
  • Using Lightroom brush tools
  • How to use graduated filters in Lightroom
  • How to remove dust in Lightroom: Clone & Heal tool

If you’re using Lightroom 6/CC, you can learn more in our Lightroom 6/CC for Photographers course.

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