Master Beauty Dish Lighting

In this class, Karl walks you through a standard beauty-dish lighting setup, frequently used for front-cover magazine and fashion-type shots. As he demonstrates this tried-and-tested method, Karl explains what other additions and extra kit can take your standard beauty-dish shot and make it that little bit better.


  1. trinadial

    Hi Karl. What brand beauty dish is used in this video? I’m currently using the Broncolor dish (which gives decent results), but would like to invest in a larger silver dish that can be modified to work with Bron. Any suggestions you have is much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  2. Hi Karl, will I need a grid for my 70cm silver beauty dish, if so which one would you prefer out of the two 20 1/2, 30 1/2?

    1. Hi, no you won’t – they are much better without unless you have a very small studio and concerned about light spill. But given how close you should be using a Beauty Dish to your model then light spill shouldn’t be a problem.

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