Photo Critique: Fashion and Beauty 1

In this live show, Karl reviews fashion and beauty images submitted by members, sharing his thoughts and advice on how to take stand-out images.

This live show will provide an opportunity for members to receive feedback on their image, understand what makes an effective picture and watch as Karl demonstrates effective retouching techniques.

He demonstrates how, with simple adjustments, an image can easily be improved.

If you enjoy this critique, you may like to check out Photo Critique: Fashion and Beauty 2.

Questions? Please post them in the comments section below.


    1. Hi Liliana, you can see in our live shows section when we have a critique coming close to then we will send an email to our members inviting them to submit work for that critique.

    1. Hi Rich, you will have to wait for the next critique show that we do. This will be in November and we email our members about it and the topic in advance.

  1. Thank you for you super comments Karl and the advice about dodge and burn, it improved the shot 100% when you D&B the furrow on Dahlia’s forehead. So humbled to have someone as esteemed as yourself to be complimentary on my work. And not forgetting Dahlia – our beautiful model.

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