1. Hi Karl!

    First of all, nobody (unless they’re Polish) can pronounce my family name, so no worries. 😉
    As a former professional cook, I understand precisely what you mean when you say ” it’s overcooked”. Your choice of words couldn’t be better and I find it hilarious.
    I want to specialize in food photography so your feedback here is very much appreciated. I agree with your critique as I’m aware I tend to exaggerate in my editing. I will turn the fire down from now on.

    Many thanks!


    1. Thanks Marta! I’m happy you appreciated the feedback and also are ok with my terrible pronunciation 🙂

  2. Regarding Emily’s shot of pie slices: I disagree with your comments. To me, it looks like a good fresh editorial layout with space for text on the left.

    1. Thank you, APAQ, I appreciate your comment since that was exactly my intention. Usually, my photos are more cropped, but I wanted to do a more editorial-style layout with purposeful negative space. If there was room to describe the concept or envisioned purpose of the image, I would surely have added it. -Emily

  3. Hi Karl

    Thanks for the criticism, but it was not a glass but a small aquarium.

    I wanted to transmit the sense of freshness of sushi coming out of water because sushi is eaten uncooked.

    Well important that the photo is done well.

    PS : If you understood that it was a small aquarium and not a glass the photo might have made sense???

    Thanks in advance

  4. thanks a lot for your comment, Karl on my “pasta on yellow” photo. I’ll definitely improve the balance of the two sides of the image and all the suggestions you gave me. Thanks again, happy to be on this platform.

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