Photo Critique: Food

Food photography is a genre of photography we see almost every day — from food blogs to recipe books and even restaurant menus.

In this live workshop, available to watch as a replay, Karl looks at food images submitted by members, offering his feedback on each, highlighting the positives, and sharing tips for improvement. Throughout the show, he also demonstrates simple post-production techniques that can be used to enhance the image and highlighted the importance of attention to detail.

In this class:

  • Food photography
  • Tips for better food photography
  • How to take better food photography
  • Composition techniques for food images
  • Post-production techniques for food photography

To learn more about food photography, be sure to take a look at our food photography classes.  You may also enjoy our live shows with food photographer and stylist Anna Pustynnikova:

If you have any questions about this show, please post in the comment section below.


  1. Hello, I’ve submitted a photo for this critique and it seems it’s missing… Did Karl chose some specific photos for the critique?

    1. Hi Bogdan, your image was critiqued during the show. They were done in alphabetical order from A so your’s should be near the start.

  2. Hey Karl! thank you very much for the criticism, I just saw the replay of the show on the website, my photo was that of the T-bone meat cut, clearly the points of view you present are correct, I will continue practicing the compositions, backgrounds, concepts and edit to show the hero of photography, thank you very much again.

    1. Thank you for watching and appreciating the critique, hopefully everyone benefits from also seeing the critique on each others images. All the best Karl.

  3. Hi Karl. Thank you for taking the time to photo shop my photo. Your changes make a big difference and I see your point. You are close with my last name. :0)
    Hoin key. Hoinke. :0)
    Thank you. Sorry I didn’t watch the live show. It was our Thanksgiving Day. :0)

    1. Hi Karen, I think it’s the third time and I still get it wrong, sorry, so many things to remember! I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving although to be honest on this side of the pond we don’t really know what that is but we did see a picture of your president and some other chaps talking to a Turkey on the news. I’m glad the changes I made were useful and made a difference, I think the takeaway message for everyone from that one was the clarity of the hero in the photo.

  4. DavidMorgan

    Another good learning exercise – firstly putting the shot together, and then the individual comments from Karl. Really good that Karl has given all the shots some pre-thought and adjustments.

    A little frustrating for me in that Karl picked up on an aspect of my shot that I think I knew subconsciously – that the croutons look a little artificial. I must find a way of getting those thoughts into the conscious part of my head so that I deal with them in advance!

    Part of my difficulty is that my strobes don’t have high speed, so I had to use a speedlight to shoot the croutons separately and then blend in in PS. That said, I should have seen the need to show a better ‘sprinkle’. Lesson learned: I need to look at an image over and over to really flush out any anomalies.

    So, another nudge towards perfection (one day, one day … ) and some other inspirational work on display too. For me, these critiques and the ‘working to a brief’ challenges are brilliant for pushing my improvement through professional feedback. No point in learning through all of the tutorials etc, if there’s no score card to show progress. Please keep them coming.

    1. Thanks David glad you enjoyed the show and found the comments useful. As I said in the show the lighting overall was good on that shot. Often the things that you think might need addressing when you look at your own shot do need addressing but it’s often that problem of seeing things with fresh eyes which is why a good tea break is always a good idea!

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