Mini Home Studio (Part 1)

In this video Karl shows you all the kit you would need to create your own mini home studio.



    What is the difference between tracing paper and LEE216 for scrims??

  2. Hi Karl, love the video in the process of building my mini home studio and I had a question about the watch video I was wondering if it’s possible with the mini home studio and if so would it be the same process as in the video or how would I go about setting it up in my small home studio

    Thank you

    1. Hi Kyle, yes totally possible on a small studio. Watch chapter 1 in the portrait section, actually the first 15 chapters will help you.

  3. Also
    I seen a lot of people like yourself say about backdrops and surfaces from local hardware shops etc but im really struggling to find or get any. especially reflective surfaces like black, white, polished. Where do you get yours from, like the gloss black perspex etc.
    Thanks Karl

  4. Hi Karl
    Loving this site as just joined today. Im making some scrims but wheres best to get the tracing paper as im struggling to find some big enough apart from a 20m x 1100 roll on amazon. Is this going to be good enough

      1. Candez Photography

        Hi Karl, I’m trying to find the shop section on your website but can’t find it. Do you have the link please ? Thanx πŸ˜‰

  5. Thank you for the instructions on building diffusion screens. For small ones, up to 3′ x 4′, I used artist canvas stretcher boards. Probably cost more than buying and cutting the boards, but easier. I live in a condo so don’t really have a place to do construction. Take care and keep the great information coming.

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