Model Paint Blast

Want to make a splash with your photography? Give this class a blast.

In this class, you’ll see the setup and lighting for this shot, as well as all the precautions required to protect the camera and equipment.

As Karl explains the lighting setup, you’ll see how he used a combination of speedlights and studio flash to get the fast flash duration needed to freeze the liquid. You’ll also discover which basic modifiers he used to light the model.

In this class:

  • Creative photography ideas for product photography
  • Precautionary measures for protecting equipment
  • How to freeze paint splashes using fast flash duration
  • Combining speedlights with studio flash lights

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Questions? Please post them in the comments section below.


  1. Your setting at 1/500 with Elinchrom flashes
    How did you use it, cause the synch speed is 1/200
    It’ll work with speed lights but not Elinchrom. Apart that the studio flash will give you higher synch speed with the Hasselblad camera.
    I have Canon 5D Mark 3 and Elinchrom flashes, the RX series. But they only go up to 1/200

    1. Hi Aby, on most medium format cameras the shutter is a leaf shutter in the lens and these can sync with flash at any speed.

  2. Hey Karl, nice shoot!
    I watched the 3 videos with Sophie and the paint, but I thought it about what would you do with that pictures, it’s only for your portfolio or that can be sell it?

  3. JDH44

    I love all of these paint shoots. Such beautiful light and color. Beautiful work as always, Karl. And Sophie, what a sport haha!

  4. Hi Karl,

    Is there anywhere a footage from that famous “yellow paint wrap up around model” photo 🙂

    I can’t find it anywhere 🙂

  5. WOW… Long week, How did this idea come about ? What are you blending with the paint ? Water and Soap ?!? What kind of paint was used ? Water based I realize, Is there a specific brand ?.. I love how this is done, very interesting and in depth.
    Thank you Karl

  6. Cheers on a great shoot Karl! Just two questions:

    * Was the safety shot for post production cleanup purposes?
    * Did the protective glass in front of the camera cause any glare issues?

    1. Hi Peter, yes exactly the safety shot was for post production clean up and no the safety glass was fine. I keep a check on things like flare as I’m shooting and if it had become a problem i would of put a couple of card flags in front.

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