A Monochromatic Moment in Time Fashion Shoot

Discover how Karl created this striking monochromatic fashion image, ping-pong balls and all.

The concept for this shoot began with the styling: angular shapes and a colour palette limited to black, white and grey. The clothing choices influenced the hair, makeup and earrings, which in turn inspired the set design. In fact, the diamond frame at the heart of the shot became part of the concept quite late in the pre-visualisation process.

In this video, you’ll see Karl switch from a three-light setup to just two. He makes this decision in response to the various surfaces in play in the shoot – for example, the wet-look leggings adjacent to the matte texture of the top – each of which requires a different level of exposure. This becomes especially important as model Suzannah experiments with a range of poses.

You’ll also learn how Karl and the team conjured the illusion of the free-standing diamond frame. The styling techniques on display in this shoot are simple but effective, and easy to reproduce even on a tight budget.

Speaking of the ping-pong balls, watch the video to see the happy accident that led Karl to make them part of the shoot. It’s a great example of how staying flexible and spontaneous on set can bring about unexpected and exciting results.


What you’ll learn:

  • Creative ideas for fashion photography
  • Lighting setups for fashion photography
  • Styling for fashion shoots
  • Working with a fashion model
  • How to use props in fashion photography


To see Karl and Tim build the diamond frame, plus some posing blocks and smaller frames, check out our class on ‘Building Studio Blocks and Frames’.

Please note that the post-production for this shoot will be released early September. 



  1. kenshi2008

    Awesome ideas. Hopefully, I can be back in a studio or photography outside with one of my model friends. Thanks for the tips.

  2. I love the whole process. And the hairstyle is cool. Maybe the ping ping balls in the hair were not necessary to get the shape. But they made their job. Very edgy image and posh styling. I want to try a similar set up. Please keep posting this lovely “360 degrees concept” with image, clothes, hair, make up.

  3. Amazing shot! But now i really want to see the post production!😁

  4. a great set ,very fine model and the balls just gave it a little more edge love it
    thanks again to you and your team

  5. Good day I was wondering if there will be more videos on this topic being released in August as well?

    Kind regards,


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