Motion Time Lapse

Time lapse photography creates an enigmatic addition to your productions and can be very easy to achieve with just a few pieces of kit. When you add motion it makes them even more interesting. In this chapter Karl talks over how he sets up his motion time lapse rig and explains the settings and kit he uses to capture an amazing night time star sequence in the middle of the desert, a perfect place with very low light pollution to capture footage like this.


  1. Chaz27

    Love your time lapse.

    Of course my limited budget cannot afford the equipment shown.
    I already have a 40″ manual slider and made my own DC motor belt drive having variable speed. got some very nice video with it.
    Now I will research to make a stepper motor system using relays to in order to make these wonderful time lapse stills.

    1. Hi Charles, it sounds like you are a very practical person. Always great to make your own gadgets work, good luck with it.

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