Motorcycle Photography

In this live motorcycle shoot, Karl demonstrates how he photographs a KTM RC8 sports bike.

A highly complex (yet equally enjoyable) shoot, Karl talks you through the entire process, explaining how to work with different lines, surface textures and lights to get the most aesthetically pleasing result. Throughout the shoot you’ll see what aspects Karl considers when it comes to the bike, the background, lighting and camera settings as he explains his thought process and workflow.

Starting with his key lights, Karl demonstrates how to create pockets of light to draw attention to the most important areas of the bike. He also demonstrates how to use accessories such as reflectors, flags and mirrors to precisely control the light to get the very best results.

This information-packed show covers valuable information pertaining to studio light and how to control it, which can easily be applied to numerous other products, including car photography.

In this photography workshop we cover the following:

  • How to photograph a motorcycle
  • Lighting setups for motorcycle photography
  • How to photograph reflective surfaces
  • Lens choice, equipment and camera settings for motorcycle photography
  • Tips for controlling multiple studio lights
  • How to recognise and prevent flare
  • Using reflectors and flags for effective product photography
  • What to charge for motorcycle photography

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      1. Thanks Karl, I will have a look. I was wondering about the plate without the strobes/stands, do you use a slower shutter speed for that plate?

        1. Hi, no that image is still shot with studio flash so the same shutter speed is used as there is no continuous light making up the shot.

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