ND Graduated Filters

In this video Karl takes you to a stunning seascape location to test out ND graduated filters. Shooting into the sun Karl explains why he uses two filters at the same time so the foreground can be exposed correctly with the sky. He also teaches you how to make the sun look larger and more dominant by using my zoom lens with magnification converter.


  1. Hi Karl, I’m having an issue with my lee filter adapter ring I purchased for my Hasselblad HC 35mm lens. I purchased the 95mm screw in adapter as recommended by Lee’s website. Comes out of the box as one ring, I think this separates into two, one piece to go around the back of the lens, the other to screw back into the thread and then attach the holder, can’t for the life of me separate the adapter perhaps I’m doing something wrong or it’s quite stuck, any help appreciated.

  2. Hi.

    I am wanting to start doing some long exposure landscapes, both daytime and sunset as well as night scapes too. I am not sure my wallet will stretch to a full set of Lee filters. Can you advise me on either the best few to start with and build from or an alternative slightly cheaper alternative please?

    1. Hi Paul, if you want to do long exposures in the day then you will need a ‘big stopper’. In lower light levels then you could get away with a 0.9ND filter (that’s a 3 stop reduction) remember you can also lower your ISO to the minimum such as 50iso to get a stop less than standard.

  3. Great tip with the 2x tc, I’ll be honest I’ve only ever used mine for wildlife…up to now that is. These tips alone are worth the membership.

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