Online Photography Portfolios Review

Whether you’re a full-time professional photographer or a hobbyist looking to pick up photography jobs on the side, a good website is essential for showcasing you and your work.

In this video, Karl reviews the websites of various photographers working at different levels in different regions, all of whom volunteered to have their sites critiqued.

As he explores these online portfolios, Karl reveals the importance of developing a website that lets prospective clients know who you are and what you do.

He discusses elements such as design and layout, navigation, quantity and quality of images, whether or not to list your prices, which contact details to include, and much more.

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  1. Hi Karl, very interesting video! I have this problem: I don’t like my name and surname, I find it difficult to pronounce and read in any language other than my native language, as well as I have always had and still have problems getting my name understood or written correctly (even in my language). For this, I was thinking of choosing a very short and simple name for my website, more like a “brand name”, but I have seen many videos where you find unprofessional not to choose for the portfolio first name + last name. Do you have any advice for me? 🙁 Thank you!!

    1. Hi, this isn’t uncommon. I know several people in the industry that have adopted a new name for professional reasons. I think this is still an OK option because it would still be ‘your’ name in the professional world.

  2. You mention it would be better to use your own name for the photography portfolio – in the video there is a portfolio review Paddlock 2 Pixel. What if you created the name instead like Paddlock 2 Pixel by Karl Taylor for example for food photography? Then for Architecture/Interior photography, you create with another name ending with by “photographer name”.

    What is your opinion? Similarly, I am also involved in different genres of photography, which sometimes comes as a headache if I mix everything together, as it may not blend well or aesthetically appealing.

    1. Hi, at the end of the day you have to decide what is best for your marketing. My suggestion was based on one photographer doing one thing but if you have multiple genres that you want to split and remain anonymous then that is a different thing.

  3. If I am involved in different genres of photography, do you suggest a website for each genre? Or is it possible to mix all in one portfolio with submenus and still create a powerful website?

    1. Hi, this largely depends on how you want to be percieved by your target market. If you think they won’t mind seeing the mixed the genres then it shouldn’t be a problem but if you feel for example that you wanted to shoot Advertising and Weddings then those two would definitely not go together as both audiences would be confused.

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