Parabolic Reflector Beauty Shoot

In this beauty photography class, Karl shows you how to achieve stunning results with a parabolic umbrella.

Shooting model Britt using relatively hard light, Karl explains his creative decisions as he works. He also covers the ‘Beauty Triangle’ concept, shows you how to adjust the hardness of the light emitted by a para, and demonstrates the importance of global fill light.

In this class:

  • Lighting techniques for beauty photography
  • How to use a parabolic umbrella
  • Hard and soft light
  • The Beauty Triangle
  • Creating global fill for beauty photography

To see Karl and Viktor Fejes retouch the raw files captured in this shoot, be sure to watch Parabolic Reflector Beauty | Post-Production Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

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© Karl Taylor


  1. Thanks, Karl for your classes and sharing information.

    I’ve only recently acquired a Para 133 and Para 222. Absolutely love them. With your education videos, I think helped give an edge on my photos.

    I believe Broncolor thought so by using one of my photos in their new Para Brochure this year.

    Excited to be published by Broncolor. Thanks again!


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