Perfect Product Tank | Post-Production

This is really a clean looking shot that takes minimal Photoshop to perfect. Here Karl shows the minimal retouching that he used to turn these images into something extra special. He specifically looks at enhancing the labels and adding in a few extra splashes to really take the images to the next level.


  1. Did you ever get any work, because you’ve done these test shots for purposes of either KTE, or for your portfolio?

  2. The standard dodge and burn tool does have it uses as you show to reduce the cyan. Viktors Fejes dodge and burn technique is quite global, maybe better suited to his actions and leveling out saturation and hues – unless you create selection masks on the highlights. Probably too complicated method for just reducing the cyan. Again knowing which tools for the job is imperative.

  3. Hi Karl, I’m new here and am enjoying your informative videos very much. In regards to the retouching of the product tank, how were you able to line up all your images? I imagine the clear board they were mounted on wasn’t all dunked in the exact same position each shot.

    1. Hi Redmond, I only used one shot of the actual products, the rest of the retouching or any layering was just for the splashes or removal of unwanted splashes.

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