Interview With Photographer and Digital Artist Erik Johansson

Photographer and digital artist Erik Johansson joined Karl in the studio to talk about his incredible imagery and how he creates his surreal worlds.

With much of his work taking weeks, even months to complete, planning and attention to detail are essential. Erik explained the planning and execution of some of his images, talking about the importance of both light and perspective. He also shared the equipment and software he uses and why problem solving is a key skill to have.

The pair also explore the process behind some of Erik’s images, where he finds the inspiration for many of his ideas, his new book, Places Beyond, and how he balances personal and commercial work.

Topics covered in this live photography talk show:

  • Finding inspiration and bringing creative ideas to life
  • Erik’s workflow and how he plans his creative images
  • The importance of perspective and light in composite photography
  • The post-production process – working with smart objects and linked files
  • Equipment and software
  • Creative photography on a budget

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  1. Enjoyed this live show pretty much, Karl. Understanding Erik’s hands-on process brings a lot of inspiration and reinforces the importance to experiment and to explore by trying by ourselves, no matter what.

  2. Hi just outstanding work .one get so many idea how can mixed and match photo .
    thanks again to you and your team
    Frank Garvan

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