Photographing Clear Liquid Bottles (Gin/Vodka)

In this product photography workshop, recorded LIVE, Karl shows you how to light and photograph bottles of clear liquid such as gin or vodka.

Follow Karl step by step as he shows you how to photograph clear bottles like a professional and achieve truly stunning results.

Simple steps for photographing clear bottles:

  • Prepare the bottle – This includes cleaning the bottle and creating controllable condensation
  • Select the background and base surface – These will have a big impact on your overall image
  • Light the product – This can be done using just a few lights with basic modifiers
  • Photograph the bottle – Determine your composition and camera settings

Karl demonstrates how to achieve perfect condensation to create that cold, desirable look. He explains which backgrounds and base surfaces work best, and how to light the product beautifully using just two lights. He also shows you how to incorporate additional lights to further enhance your shot, highlighting the label and reducing unwanted shadows.

You’ll learn a host of pro-level clear bottle photography techniques that you can easily and effectively try out for yourself.

If you enjoy this class, check out our Whisky Photography and Wine Bottle Photography classes. You can also find tips for creating your own perfect condensation in The Perfect Pint and Condensation Cold Look.

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    1. Hi, frosted acrylic sheet (it’s called plexiglass in the USA). It’s available from sign service companies or plastic suppliers.


    Once you figure out all your lights intensity can you shoot one picture with all lights on to get your image or are you always obligated to merge multiple shots?


    Where does the blue tone of this picture comes from??



  3. Hi Karl,
    I’m gonna give this one a shot but I can’t find those frosted acrylic panels at similar size under the €100 mark.
    Would it work if I use a combination of several layers (2 or 3 maybe) of diffusing paper right next to the other one ? Just wondering

  4. Hi
    I have google a lot and looking after the sheet “polish stainless steel”. Can’t not found it. Do you have some link to the shop or have the “polish stainless steel” some other name?

    Many thanks

  5. Hi Karl,
    Hope all’s well.
    My back light through the matt frosted acrylic (5mm thick) is too bright on the lowest setting. Tried moving the light further back but then I lose the smaller circular glow. I’ve lowered the ISO to 64, but still bright. What else can I do?
    Many thanks,

      1. Thank you Karl. I’ll order some today and try those. I have a tricky gin glass shoot for a new client (they have a lot of product inventory so want/need to do a good job.

        I’m slowly building up my resources as finances come in. But it’s going well. I started as a complete novice 18 months ago with your training alone. I’d never touched a camera previously. I now rent my own studio space (quite small but far better than my previous garage), and have about two clients every week. My website is (you can see it’s all 100% your training! haha! I hope I do you a bit of justice, please don’t cringe too much : )

        Thank you so much for all of your support.

        Best wishes,


        1. Hi looks good but try to get some more of your own original work on there as you may find clients will see my work and then see yours and guess where it’s come from. Also I remember seeing the shot of your red stilleto shoe in one of our challenges or competitions and thought it was very good so that shows you can come up with your own stuff. Your pricing seems ridiculously low but that entirely up to you to decide where you fit in the market. All the best Karl.

          1. Thank you Karl.
            Re: my pricing – because every project is a new one for me, with new challenges, I feel I’m still very much in a learning phase (apprentice), and NEED a much wider variety of experience. Once I’ve gained more experience, as I’m doing now every week, I’ll increase the prices. But appreciate you mentioning that.

            I’ve just added two new slide shows to the front page of the website which are completely original – the waterproof bag shot in particular brought extra challenges trying to prep the bag to make it look good before a shot was taken. haha! You know the drill.

            Oh, and I’m enjoying the lighting theory classes, feel like that helps reinforce things a lot.
            Hope you keep producing those.

            Again, many thanks, and say a big thank you to your team.
            Best wishes,

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