Photographing Kids

In this class, Karl runs through some of his top tips for photographing kids outdoors – in this case in a beautiful field of flowers.


  1. Did you change from f5.6 to 2.8 in order to compensate for the shutter speed changing or was it due to the area you needed in focus was taking up less of the entire photo area, or both?

    1. Hi, if it happened after I added the 2X teleconvertor then that was an automatic change of the cameras relative exposure as the 2x convertor takes 2 stops of light off of the main lens so that would have taken a 2.8 lens to equivalent exposure value of f5.6. If this was at another point in the video please let me know where so I can check for you.

      1. Thank you! I believe it was during that time. I may be overthinking this however, I feel that I am struggling just a bit when it comes to selecting the correct f-stop. For instance: I will select it prior to my shooting and lets say I opt to go with 5.6. What I notice is that my focused area is soft. However, If I come closer to my subject it is now clear. I make no changes to my shutter speed during this time.

  2. I find the Continuous-AF a bit hit and miss too, especially with subjects coming towards the camera – it sort of works. Like you, I found upping the ISO to give a nice fast shutter speed get a better hit rate. It certainly helped with birds in flight. I was always told to have the shutter in excess of the focal length, so 500/s for a 300mm or 125th for 100mm etc.

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