Photography Challenge Image Review: Week 2

In this live show, Karl will be joined by professional food photographer and stylist Anna Pustynnikova as he reviews a selection of images from this week’s photography challenge. With the topic being ‘Food’, Anna will also be offering her feedback and advice on the theme, highlighting some of her top images from the past week. In addition to the image review, Karl and Anna will be answering your questions live, so make sure to join the conversation and send your questions through. The topic for week 3 of the challenge will also be announced.

To view a complete gallery of members’ images from this week, click here.


    1. Hi Jorge, the challenges will be announced each week at the start of our Tuesday Live show (even if that show is about something else) and then on the live show page or blog there is a page that will explain how to enter the images. Currently they are being entered through our members facebook group page.

  1. Thank you Karl for the critique on the news paper and the bowl of tomato soup. After you pointed that out about the newspaper word “unemployment “…makes total sense. When I joined your group I was on another a Facebook page of mine. Sorry it didn’t have my name. I will try and change that…..somehow!

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