Photography Technique Review

This final class provides an overview of the techniques and concepts covered throughout this Advanced Photography course.

Karl reviews a selection of final images, recapping on how each shot was achieved, the necessary equipment for each and how he selected his final images from each shoot.

If you haven’t watched all the videos in this course, some of the techniques covered include:


    1. Hi Manuel, that was a very old torch it is not available anymore. Since then there are much better, brighter and smaller LED torches.

  1. Hi Karl, Thank you for all the detailed and fantastic videos, helping a lot 🙂

    i just have to know your opinion, during the desert fashion shooting you said we can use speedlights and you showed us how to make that happen, but to get that set we are going to need 6 speedlights with 3 stands and 6 transmitters…etc.

    won’t be better to get studio strobes instead of 6 speedlights? now a das we can find cheaper studio strobes, or you don’t recommend cheap strobes?

    thank you for your time, cheers

  2. Hello Karl , I am looking to buy studio Light (Cheap & best), which brand you recommend
    please help.

    1. Hi Gaurav, I’m afraid there is no such thing as ‘cheap and best’ 🙂 You will have to decide on how much you want to spend and then look at the market. I can strongly recommend broncolor have a look at the Siros kits, if they are out of your price then maybe look at Elinchrom but they are a bit plasticy and will not last as long.

  3. Hi Karl,

    Just a quick note to a huge thanks for taking the time to put this together.

    Although I’m still early on in my photography journey, I’m hoping to make this my second career, so for me I find your inclusive, informative and educational style to be so vital, incredible value and your passion for all genres so inspiring!

    Kind regards,


  4. Hey Karl, Im looking to buy a monitor for my studio setup, what monitor would you recommend that has adobe rgb, 1 billion colours etc. Cheers Milan.

  5. Karl, your course is “FANTASTIC!” I’ve absorbed the Essentials section and the Advanced section like a plant soaks up the sunlight. I am really enjoying the lessons and you’ve given me prompts that have made me think of some of my own techniques for solving some of the challenges of my current situation (no studio setup, no shadow boxes, etc.). I’m feeling quite a bit more confident, and I’m putting myself out to take some photos for paying customers. I look forward to new lessons and being a member for the foreseeable future. Thanks for making this available at such a reasonable price.

    Question for you: Is it possible to come by and say hello the next time I’m in London? My wife and I come to visit occasionally. We have friends there from Southampton to Oxford. 🙂

    Please, keep up the great work, and God bless.

    1. Hi Tony, Thanks for your feedback and glad you are enjoying our content. Although I work regularly in London my own studio is in Guernsey but if you were ever in the area you can pop by just give us some notice as we are often away. Cheers Karl.

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