Pricing Your Photography

If you’ve ever asked, “What should I charge for my photography?”, this class is for you.

Pricing is a difficult part of running a business for many photographers and the truth is that the answer to the above question varies dramatically. To help you overcome this challenge, this class provides an overview of the costs you should be looking at that will help you determine your pricing.

Karl discusses day rates, outside services (retouchers and models, etc.), set building and props, agents, equipment and studio rental. He also looks at usage fees and how you can find the right balance in what to charge.

In this class:

  • The costs of running a business
  • Day rates – what are they and how do they work?
  • Usage fees – what they are and when to apply them
  • Advantages and disadvantages of working with agents
  • What to consider when pricing your photography

Please find the accompanying documents for this class here or in the Downloads section.

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Photography pricing


  1. How is usage fee priced? I didnt see anything in the video.
    1 year internet use or
    3months print in UK and EU, or
    6months print worldwide
    There are many permutations.

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